Lot 1    Interior Architecture and Design

Lot 1 thrives on understanding each person and their style of living, then transforming that into absolute forms of function and beauty in a home that is an extension of themselves. It's all about achieving spaces that are cohesive and delightful. Creating your very own lot, that you will love, for all time.


Interior Architecture

Overall conceptual design and planning of new or existing spaces including lighting and electrical planning.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Detailed design and configuration of kitchens and bathrooms considering functionality and overall aesthetics.

Joinery and Furniture Design

Detailed design of all built-in joinery and custom furniture including wardrobes, bedroom furniture, libraries and living spaces.

Finishes, Fixtures and Fittings

Selections of all internal finishes, joinery finishes, sanitary ware, appliances and lighting.

Furniture and Decoration

Considered selections of furniture, accessories and window treatments for all spaces.

Project Management

Liaising with builders and trades during construction and fit-out stages.