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Pokolbin House Kitchen


For this home in rural Pokolbin in the Hunter Region of NSW, the client wanted a place where they could come and reconnect — with themselves, with friends, family and with nature. In practical terms, they also wanted a serene backdrop to frame the 360º vistas and an extensive art collection. Having worked on three homes with us previously, there was a clear and intuitive understanding of the personality, values and way of life the home should embody.

The Mid Century-inspired pavilion architecture evoked a theme of Form and Connection, which was carried through to the interior concept and translated through individual pieces and down to intricate details. First, we looked at how to create standalone forms within a space and what elements could feature as strong focal points. Then we looked closer at the finer details of those solid forms, including junction points, and explored options of how they could and should meet.

Special attention was given to the layered tactility of materials and how they connect with one another – the feeling underhand of oak panelling, unfilled travertine, stone, plaster, bronzed brass and linen that invites touch, connection and sensory pleasure. Whilst creating a sense of calm — ultimately the soft, light interior palette invites the eye to wander without distraction, enhancing the ease of visual movement from inside to outside.


Custom bronzed brass handles sit flush, moulding perfectly within the painted oak joinery. These will patina overtime becoming even stronger in presence as they build character with consistent use.

The kitchen island is made up of individual pieces of travertine, chosen for its neutral colouring, layered aesthetic and pitted texture. The visual weight of the elements are softened by curved edges, which create distinct, sculpted forms that maintain an individual presence, yet are also in dynamic relationship with each other – embodying Form & Connection. In the design phase, we consider the stone’s dimensions, thickness, porosity, colour and structure to ensure the end result is achievable.


Bathroom vanities were custom designed in natural stone and solid European oak, with unique junctions exploring the relationship between individual finishes and the overall vanities.

Pokolbin_lot1_Shot3_433 1.jpg

Shower niches within the bathrooms elegantly taper back to form a shelf in a delicate exploration of depth and materiality.

Rectilinear limestone tiles were selected for two of the bathrooms for both the walls and floors. The interplay of vertical and horizontal elements outside—trees, landscape and pavilions—inspired a complementary tile layout. Careful detailing and a custom side-in order ensured perfect alignment when moving from the vertical to horizontal plane. We took time to establish clear and precise visuals so that the tradespeople could execute what was designed.

To avoid mounting any hooks or towel rails on the marble walls, a standalone piece was designed to hold both oversized bath towels and hand towels. A solid piece of travertine grounds a pair of fine timber quadrants which meet one another as a freestanding drying rail. Pieces like these were approached as miniature, mobile joinery items, which were first translated into 3D imagery to communicate the proposed vision to both clients and trades.

Excess travertine and natural stone from the build were used for custom pieces of furniture such as a bathroom towel rack and a bedroom side table, with the intention of avoiding waste and continuing the material language throughout the home.

Pokolbin-Lot 10389.jpg

The Master Ensuite vanity is a custom stand-alone piece layered in marble with bronzed brass drawer fronts below.


Custom joinery handles were designed as solid oak blocks with a semi-rebated bronzed brass rod — again, exploring the theme of Form & Connection between materials.


Australian Interior Design Awards AIDA 2023

Shortlist  l  Residential Design

Photographer: Prue Ruscoe & Brett Boardman

Film Production: Tommy Devy

Architect: Matthew Woodward Architecture

Builder: PCM Projects

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